Creating a crochet V-neck tank top can be a rewarding and enjoyable project. Here’s a basic free pattern and description to guide you through the process. Please note that crochet patterns often use abbreviations, so familiarize yourself with these before you begin.

Materials Needed:

  • Worsted weight yarn in your chosen color (cotton or a blend is great for summer)
  • Crochet hook appropriate for your chosen yarn (usually size H/5.0mm or similar)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch markers (optional)
  • Buttons or other embellishments (optional)


  • ch: chain
  • sc: single crochet
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • dc: double crochet
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • V-stitch: (dc, ch 1, dc) in same stitch



  1. Chain enough stitches to reach your desired bust width. For example, around 80-90 chains for an average women’s size.
  2. Turn your work and begin in the 2nd ch from the hook.
  3. Work in rows of hdc stitches until your piece measures from your natural waist to just below your bust.

V-Neck Shaping:

  1. To create the V-neck, you’ll start decreasing stitches at the center. Count in about 1/4th of your total stitches on either side (e.g., if you have 80 stitches, count about 20 stitches in from each side).
  2. Decrease one stitch at the beginning and end of every row for about 4-5 rows. This will create a gentle V-neck shape.

Bust Shaping:

  1. Once you’ve reached the desired V-neck depth, begin increasing stitches gradually to shape the bust.
  2. Increase by making 2 hdc stitches in the same stitch at the beginning and end of every row for about 4-5 rows.


  1. Once you’ve reached your desired bust height, create the shoulder straps.
  2. For each strap, attach yarn to the outer corner of the front piece and crochet a chain long enough to comfortably go over your shoulder.
  3. Attach the chain to the back corner of the front piece using slip stitches or single crochet stitches. This creates a strap that goes over your shoulder.


  1. The back piece is similar to the front but without the V-neck shaping.
  2. Work in hdc stitches until your back piece matches the height of the front piece.
  3. Make shoulder straps just like you did for the front.


  1. Seam the sides of the front and back pieces together using slip stitches or single crochet stitches.
  2. Add any desired embellishments, such as buttons along the V-neck.
  3. Weave in any loose ends.

Remember that this is a basic guide, and you can customize the pattern to fit your measurements and style preferences. Feel free to modify stitch patterns, add lacework, or experiment with different yarn colors. Happy crocheting!