Welcome the autumn season into your home with this charming Crochet Fall Leaves Table Runner. This free pattern combines the warmth of fall colors with the delicate art of crochet, creating a beautiful and functional piece that will adorn your table with the essence of autumn.

Materials Needed:

  1. Worsted weight yarn in various fall colors (e.g., shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown).
  2. Crochet hook size appropriate for your yarn weight.
  3. Yarn needle for weaving in ends.
  4. Scissors.

Skill Level:

Intermediate. This pattern involves some intricate stitchwork and color changes, making it suitable for those with some crochet experience.

Pattern Instructions:

Leaf Motif:

  1. Begin with a magic ring and work 12 single crochet (sc) into the ring. Pull the ring tight, and join with a slip stitch (sl st) to the first sc.
  2. Chain 6, skip 1 sc, sl st in the next sc. Repeat from * to * around the circle. You will have 6 chain-6 loops.
  3. In each chain-6 loop, work the following: (3 double crochet (dc), chain 3, 3 dc, chain 3, sl st). This forms the first leaf. Repeat this step in each of the 6 chain-6 loops.
  4. Fasten off and weave in ends.
  5. To create the veins of the leaves, use a contrasting color of yarn and embroider a simple line down the center of each leaf using a yarn needle.


  1. Decide on the size of your table runner and the number of leaves you want to use. Arrange the leaves in a pleasing pattern.
  2. Join the leaves together by slip stitching through the chain-3 spaces along the edges. Make sure to maintain the desired spacing between the leaves.
  3. Once all the leaves are joined, add a border around the entire table runner. This can be a simple single crochet border in a complementary color.
  4. Weave in all loose ends.

Finishing Touches:

Your Crochet Fall Leaves Table Runner is now complete! Lay it on your table, mantle, or any other suitable surface to add a touch of autumn charm to your home decor.

Feel free to experiment with different color combinations to match your personal style and home decor. This table runner is perfect for Thanksgiving gatherings and fall celebrations, adding a cozy and festive atmosphere to your home. Enjoy your crochet project!