Sure, here’s a basic crochet snake tutorial for beginners, along with a simple free pattern. This pattern will help you create a cute and charming crocheted snake that you can use as a decoration, a toy, or even a fun accessory.

Crocheted Snake Tutorial for Beginners:

Materials Needed:

  1. Worsted weight yarn in desired colors (main color for the snake’s body and additional colors for accents)
  2. Crochet hook suitable for the yarn weight (usually around 4.0 mm or as recommended on the yarn label)
  3. Fiberfill or stuffing material
  4. Safety eyes or yarn for embroidering eyes
  5. Yarn needle for weaving in ends
  6. Scissors


  • ch: chain
  • sc: single crochet
  • inc: increase (work 2 sc in the same stitch)
  • dec: decrease (work a sc2tog)
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • st: stitch


Snake Body: Using the main color yarn, start with a magic ring (or ch 2 and work into the first ch). Round 1: 6 sc into the magic ring. Pull the ring tight. (6 stitches) Round 2: Inc in each st around. (12 stitches) Round 3: [Sc, inc] around. (18 stitches) Round 4: [Sc in the next 2 stitches, inc] around. (24 stitches) Rounds 5-12: Sc in each stitch around. (24 stitches in each round)

Change to Accent Color: Rounds 13-15: Sc in each stitch around using the accent color. (24 stitches in each round)

Change back to Main Color: Rounds 16-20: Sc in each stitch around using the main color. (24 stitches in each round)

Stuff the Snake: Before closing the body, stuff the snake firmly with fiberfill or stuffing material to give it shape.

Closing the Body: Round 21: [Sc in the next 2 stitches, dec] around. (18 stitches) Round 22: [Sc, dec] around. (12 stitches) Round 23: Dec in each st around. (6 stitches)

Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing. Thread the tail through a yarn needle, sew through the front loops of the remaining 6 stitches, and pull tight to close the hole. Weave in the ends.

Eyes: You can use safety eyes if you have them, or you can embroider the eyes using black yarn or embroidery floss. Attach the eyes between Rounds 9 and 10, leaving a few stitches between them.

Congratulations, you’ve completed your crocheted snake! Feel free to experiment with colors, sizes, and even different types of yarn to create a variety of snakes. This pattern is perfect for beginners looking to practice their crochet skills and create something adorable in the process.