Description: The Easter Marshmallow Bunny is a cute and whimsical crochet or knitting project that’s perfect for celebrating the Easter holiday. It’s designed to resemble a fluffy, pastel-colored marshmallow bunny that you might find in an Easter basket. These bunnies are typically small and can be used as decorations, added to Easter gift baskets, or given as gifts to children or friends.

Materials Needed:

  • Pastel-colored yarn in your choice of colors (typically pink, blue, or yellow)
  • Crochet hook or knitting needles appropriate for your yarn
  • Safety eyes or black embroidery thread for the eyes
  • Polyester stuffing for the bunny’s body
  • Yarn needle for sewing and finishing

Pattern: Below is a simple pattern to create an Easter Marshmallow Bunny. You can adjust the size and colors according to your preferences.



  1. Start with a magic ring (crochet) or cast on 6 stitches (knitting).
  2. Work in the round, increasing evenly until you reach your desired size for the bunny’s body.
  3. Stuff the body with polyester stuffing.
  4. Close the top of the body, leaving a small hole for attaching the head.


  1. Create a smaller magic ring (crochet) or cast on 4 stitches (knitting).
  2. Work in the round, increasing evenly until you have a small, round head.
  3. Attach safety eyes or embroider the eyes with black thread.
  4. Stuff the head with polyester stuffing.
  5. Close the top of the head.


  1. Create two ear shapes in the same color as the body.
  2. Attach the ears to the top of the bunny’s head.


  1. Attach the head to the body.
  2. Use additional yarn to create a small bow or ribbon around the bunny’s neck if desired.

Finishing Touches:

  1. Trim any excess yarn and weave in loose ends.
  2. Optionally, you can add a small pompom tail to the bunny’s backside.

Feel free to get creative with your Easter Marshmallow Bunny. You can experiment with different yarn colors, add a little tail, or even decorate it with small flowers or other embellishments. This cute bunny will make a lovely addition to your Easter celebrations or a thoughtful handmade gift. Enjoy your crafting!