Description: Create your very own adorable crochet Pikachu in no time with this easy-to-follow and free crochet pattern. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, this project is perfect for all skill levels. Pikachu is a beloved character from the Pokémon universe, and now you can make your own cuddly version to keep or give as a gift.

Materials Needed:

  • Yellow yarn
  • Black yarn
  • Red yarn
  • White yarn
  • Crochet hook (appropriate size for your yarn)
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors


  1. Pikachu Body:
    • Start with yellow yarn.
    • Begin with a magic ring and crochet 6 single crochets (sc) into the ring.
    • Pull the ring tight to close the opening.
    • Continue to work in a spiral, increasing in each round until you have a flat circle that’s the desired size for Pikachu’s body. (Typically around 24-30 stitches in the last round.)
  2. Pikachu Head:
    • Using yellow yarn, create another magic ring.
    • Crochet 6 sc into the ring.
    • Increase in each round until you have a flat circle. (Usually around 18-24 stitches in the last round.)
  3. Ears (Make 2):
    • With yellow yarn, chain 6.
    • Single crochet into the second chain from the hook and in each chain across.
    • Chain 1 and turn.
    • Repeat the row until you have a small rectangle. Fold it in half and sew it onto the head.
  4. Pikachu’s Facial Features:
    • For the eyes, crochet two small black circles and attach them to the head using white yarn for the sparkles.
    • For the cheeks, crochet two red circles and sew them onto the head.
    • Embroider Pikachu’s mouth with black yarn.
  5. Assembly:
    • Stuff the head and body lightly with fiberfill stuffing.
    • Sew the head onto the body.
    • Attach the ears to the top of the head.
  6. Tail:
    • Using yellow yarn, chain a desired length for Pikachu’s tail.
    • Single crochet in the second chain from the hook and in each chain across.
    • Attach the tail to the back of the body.
  7. Final Touches:
    • Add any additional details you’d like, such as Pikachu’s stripes on its back with black yarn.

Your crochet Pikachu is now complete! This pattern is perfect for making cute Pikachu plushies, keychains, or decorations. Customize it with different colors or sizes to suit your preferences. Happy crocheting!