Creating an amigurumi monkey can be a fun and rewarding crochet project. Here’s a basic description of how to crochet an amigurumi monkey using a free pattern as a reference. Please note that this is a general guide, and you should refer to your specific pattern for exact instructions and stitch counts.

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Worsted weight yarn in brown, beige, and any other desired colors for the monkey’s features.
  2. Crochet hooks of appropriate sizes for your yarn (usually between 3.5mm to 5mm).
  3. Safety eyes or black buttons for the eyes.
  4. Fiberfill stuffing.
  5. Yarn needle.
  6. Stitch markers.


  1. Gather Materials: Collect all your materials and make sure you have the correct yarn colors and hook size as specified in your pattern.
  2. Start with Magic Ring: Many amigurumi patterns begin with a magic ring to create a tight center. Insert your hook through the ring, yarn over, pull up a loop, and chain one. This forms your first single crochet (sc).
  3. Single Crochets (sc): Work a series of single crochets into the magic ring according to your pattern. This will form the monkey’s head. Use a stitch marker to mark the first stitch, so you know where each round begins and ends.
  4. Increase Rounds: Continue crocheting in the round, increasing the number of single crochets in each round as specified in your pattern. This will create a circular shape for the head.
  5. Eyes and Nose: Insert safety eyes or attach black buttons for the monkey’s eyes. Embroider a nose using a small piece of black yarn or embroidery floss.
  6. Body: Once the head is complete, follow the pattern to crochet the monkey’s body. This usually involves creating a cylindrical shape by working in continuous rounds with single crochets.
  7. Arms and Legs: Crochet the arms and legs separately, following your pattern. You’ll usually stuff these with fiberfill as you go along to give them shape.
  8. Tail: Create a tail for your monkey, again following the pattern. Attach it securely to the body.
  9. Ears and Mouth: Crochet or embroider the monkey’s ears, and use embroidery thread or yarn to create a smiling mouth.
  10. Assembly: Assemble the different parts together, using your yarn needle and matching yarn colors. Make sure everything is securely attached.
  11. Stuffing: As you’re assembling, stuff the monkey with fiberfill to give it a plush and three-dimensional shape.
  12. Final Touches: Add any additional features, like a belly patch or accessories, as specified in your pattern.
  13. Finishing Off: Secure any loose ends by weaving them into the body of the monkey.
  14. Enjoy Your Amigurumi Monkey: Once you’ve completed all the steps and are satisfied with the look of your amigurumi monkey, it’s ready for cuddles or display!

Remember to follow the specific pattern you have, as amigurumi patterns can vary in terms of the number of stitches and rounds needed for each part. Additionally, don’t be discouraged if your first amigurumi doesn’t turn out perfect; practice makes perfect in the world of crochet!