Here’s a basic description of how to crochet a spider:

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Black yarn (for the body and legs)
  2. Small amount of white or colored yarn (for the eyes)
  3. Crochet hook appropriate for your yarn weight
  4. Safety eyes or black beads (for the spider’s eyes)
  5. Fiberfill or stuffing material
  6. Yarn needle
  7. Scissors



  1. Start with a magic ring or a chain 2 and work your first round of single crochet stitches into it. The number of stitches will depend on how big you want the spider’s body to be.
  2. Continue crocheting in the round, increasing the number of stitches evenly as needed to make a round shape. This will form the spider’s body. You can make it as big or small as you like.
  3. Once the body is the desired size, stuff it with fiberfill.

Legs (x8):

  1. To make the legs, you can create chains of the desired length (usually quite long), and then single crochet or half-double crochet into each chain stitch to create the leg’s thickness.
  2. Repeat this for all eight legs. You can make the legs as long and spindly as you prefer.


  1. Crochet two small white or colored circles for the eyes. The size will depend on your preference.
  2. Attach safety eyes or black beads to the center of the white circles to create the spider’s eyes.


  1. Attach the eyes to the front of the spider’s body.
  2. Sew the legs onto the body. Spiders typically have eight legs, so evenly space them around the body.
  3. Weave in all loose ends.
  4. If you want to make it “jump,” you might attach a string or a piece of elastic to the spider’s body, allowing it to be pulled and released, creating a jumping motion.

Remember that you can customize the spider’s size, color, and features to your liking. Crochet patterns are highly adaptable, so you can get creative with your “Jumping Crochet Spider.”