The Raised Squared Waffle Stitch is a textured crochet pattern that creates a visually appealing and three-dimensional fabric resembling raised squares. It’s often used for blankets, scarves, and other cozy accessories. This stitch pattern combines basic crochet stitches in a specific sequence to achieve its unique look.

Here’s a description of how to work the Raised Squared Waffle Stitch:

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials Needed:

  • Yarn of your choice
  • Crochet hook of appropriate size for your yarn
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends


  • Ch: Chain
  • Dc: Double Crochet
  • Fpdc: Front Post Double Crochet
  • Bpdc: Back Post Double Crochet
  • Rep: Repeat
  • Sk: Skip
  • St(s): Stitch(es)


  1. Start by chaining a multiple of 3 stitches plus 2 additional stitches (for example, ch 23).
  2. Row 1: Dc in the 4th ch from the hook and in each ch across. (This creates your foundation row of double crochet stitches.)
  3. Row 2: Ch 2 (counts as a dc), turn your work. Fpdc around the next dc, bpdc around the next dc. Rep * to * across the row, ending with a dc in the top of the turning ch.
  4. Row 3: Ch 2, turn your work. Bpdc around the next fpdc, fpdc around the next bpdc. Rep * to * across the row, ending with a dc in the top of the turning ch.
  5. Rep Row 3 for the remainder of your project, creating alternating rows of front post and back post double crochet stitches. This will create the raised square texture.

Continue repeating Row 3 until your project reaches the desired length. Remember to always end with a double crochet in the top of the turning chain.

  • You can experiment with different yarn weights and hook sizes to achieve the desired look and drape for your project.
  • Blocking your finished project can help define the texture and even out the stitches.

This Raised Squared Waffle Stitch creates a lovely textured fabric that’s both visually interesting and tactile. As with any crochet pattern, it’s recommended to make a small swatch first to get comfortable with the stitch before starting a larger project.