A Granny Connection Poncho is a type of crocheted garment that typically consists of interconnected granny squares or motifs, forming a poncho-like shape. Granny squares are a popular crochet motif that consists of clusters of double crochet stitches separated by chain spaces, often worked in multiple rounds. These squares are then joined together to create various projects, including ponchos.

To create a Granny Connection Poncho, you would typically follow these steps:

Materials Needed:

  • Worsted weight yarn in your desired colors
  • Crochet hook (size appropriate for your yarn)
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends


  1. Make Granny Squares: Begin by crocheting a set of granny squares in your chosen colors. The size and number of squares will depend on your design preferences and the desired dimensions of the poncho.
  2. Joining: Once you have your granny squares, you’ll need to join them together. There are various methods for joining granny squares, such as slip stitching them together or using a whipstitch to sew them. The goal is to create rows or columns of squares, forming the poncho’s front and back panels.
  3. Assembly: Lay out your joined granny squares to form the poncho’s shape. Typically, you’ll have a rectangle with a hole in the center for your head to fit through. Adjust the arrangement of squares as needed.
  4. Neckline: To create the neckline, you might work additional rounds of granny stitch or a different stitch pattern around the neck opening. This helps stabilize the edges and creates a finished look.
  5. Edging: You can add an edging around the bottom hem and the armholes of the poncho for a polished finish. Common edging options include shells, picots, or a simple border of single crochet stitches.
  6. Finishing: Weave in all the yarn ends using a yarn needle to ensure a clean and tidy final product.

Keep in mind that the above steps provide a general guideline, and the specific details will vary based on the pattern you’re following or your personal design choices. If you’re looking for a specific pattern, I recommend searching for “Granny Connection Poncho Tutorial – Free Pattern” on a search engine or a crafting website. You’ll likely find various patterns with detailed instructions and step-by-step photos to help you create your desired poncho.