Sure, here’s a description for a free crochet pattern to make a Harry Potter scarf for absolute beginners. This scarf is inspired by the iconic scarves worn by Hogwarts students in the Harry Potter series and is a great project for those new to crochet.

Title: Crochet Harry Potter Scarf for Absolute Beginners

Description: This easy-to-follow crochet pattern will guide you through creating your very own Harry Potter-inspired scarf, just like the ones worn at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Whether you’re a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw fan, you can customize the colors to match your favorite house.

Materials Needed:

  1. Worsted weight yarn in the colors of your chosen Hogwarts house (e.g., red and gold for Gryffindor, green and silver for Slytherin, yellow and black for Hufflepuff, or blue and bronze for Ravenclaw).
  2. Crochet hook (size H/5.00mm is recommended for worsted weight yarn).
  3. Scissors.
  4. Yarn needle for weaving in ends.


Foundation Chain:

  1. Start with a slip knot.
  2. Chain 30 stitches for a child-sized scarf or 40 stitches for an adult-sized scarf. You can adjust the length as desired.

Row 1:

  1. Single crochet (SC) into the second chain from the hook.
  2. SC in each chain across the row.
  3. Turn your work.

Row 2:

  1. Chain 1 (this does not count as a stitch).
  2. SC in the first stitch.
  3. SC in each stitch across the row.
  4. Turn your work.

Repeat Row 2: Continue repeating Row 2 until your scarf reaches the desired width. Remember to switch colors if you’re making a house scarf.


  1. Fasten off your yarn, leaving a long tail for weaving in the ends.
  2. Weave in all loose ends with a yarn needle.
  3. Optionally, add fringe to the ends of your scarf for an authentic Hogwarts look.

Note: You can alternate colors based on the house you’re representing. For example, if you’re making a Gryffindor scarf, alternate between red and gold yarn. For Slytherin, alternate between green and silver, and so on.

This simple crochet pattern is perfect for beginners and Harry Potter fans alike. It’s a fun and creative way to show your Hogwarts house pride while honing your crochet skills. Enjoy crafting your very own Harry Potter scarf!