Creating a crochet kitchen scrubber is a practical and eco-friendly way to keep your kitchen clean and sustainable. This pattern provides a step-by-step guide to make an effective and reusable scrubber using basic crochet techniques. Here’s a description of how to crochet the best kitchen scrubber:

Materials Needed:

  1. Cotton Yarn: Opt for 100% cotton yarn as it’s durable and absorbent. You can choose your favorite color.
  2. Crochet Hook: Select an appropriate hook size for your yarn. A G/6 (4.0 mm) or H/8 (5.0 mm) hook is typically suitable for worsted weight cotton yarn.
  3. Scissors: For cutting yarn.
  4. Yarn Needle: To weave in ends.


  1. Start with a Slip Knot: Make a slip knot by creating a loop with the yarn, then pulling the working end through the loop. Tighten the knot around your hook.
  2. Chain Stitch (Ch): Begin by chaining about 20 to 25 stitches to create a foundation chain. The exact number depends on your desired scrubber size.
  3. Single Crochet (Sc): In the second chain from your hook, insert the hook, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over again, and pull through both loops on the hook. Continue single crocheting in each chain stitch across the row.
  4. Turning Chain: At the end of the row, chain 1 and turn your work.
  5. Repeat Rows: Continue crocheting rows of single crochet stitches until your scrubber reaches the desired size. Make sure to chain 1 at the end of each row and turn your work.
  6. Fasten Off: When your scrubber is the size you want, fasten off by cutting the yarn, leaving a tail. Pull the tail through the last loop on your hook and tighten to secure.
  7. Assembly: Fold your crocheted piece in half so that the starting chain row meets the last row. Thread your yarn needle with a length of yarn, and whipstitch the two sides together, leaving a small opening to stuff the scrubber.
  8. Stuffing: You can use small bits of leftover cotton yarn, fabric scraps, or even old plastic bags as stuffing. Fill the scrubber to your desired thickness and stitch the opening closed.
  9. Final Touch: Weave in any loose ends with your yarn needle, trim excess yarn, and your crochet kitchen scrubber is ready to use!


  • You can customize the size and thickness of your scrubber by adjusting the number of initial chain stitches and rows.
  • Washing: When your scrubber gets dirty, simply toss it in the washing machine with your regular laundry.
  • Consider making multiple scrubbers in different colors to designate them for specific cleaning tasks in your kitchen.

This crochet kitchen scrubber is not only a functional addition to your kitchen but also a sustainable choice that reduces waste compared to disposable scrubbers. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating something useful with your crochet skills while contributing to a greener lifestyle.