The Stunning Apache Tears Stitch is a beautiful and intricate crochet stitch pattern that creates a textured, wavy, and striking design. It’s often used to make blankets, scarves, shawls, and other projects where you want a visually stunning and eye-catching result. Below is a free pattern along with a description of how to create this captivating stitch.

Materials Needed:

  • Worsted weight yarn in your preferred color(s)
  • Appropriate crochet hook for your yarn (usually suggested on the yarn label)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends


Step 1: Foundation Chain

  • Start by making a foundation chain with a multiple of 6 + 3 stitches to achieve your desired width. For example, if you want a 24-inch wide project, you could chain 141 (6 x 23 + 3).

Step 2: Row 1 (Foundation Row)

  • Double crochet (dc) in the 4th chain from the hook.
  • Double crochet in each of the next 2 chains.
  • Chain 3, skip the next 3 chains, double crochet in each of the next 3 chains. Repeat from * to * across until you reach the end of the row.
  • Turn your work.

Step 3: Row 2

  • Chain 3 (counts as the first double crochet here and throughout).
  • Double crochet in the same stitch as the turning chain.
  • Double crochet in each of the next 2 stitches.
  • Chain 3, skip the chain-3 space from the previous row, double crochet in each of the next 3 double crochets. Repeat from * to * across, ending with a double crochet in the top of the turning chain.
  • Turn your work.

Step 4: Repeat Row 2

  • Continue to repeat Row 2 until your project reaches the desired length. You’ll notice the “tears” forming as you work more rows, creating a stunning, textured effect.

Step 5: Finishing

  • Once you’ve completed the desired number of rows, fasten off your yarn and weave in any loose ends using a yarn needle.

That’s it! The Stunning Apache Tears Stitch creates a captivating wave-like pattern with lots of texture. You can experiment with different color combinations to make your project even more eye-catching. This stitch may require some practice, especially if you’re new to crochet, but the results are truly stunning once you get the hang of it. Enjoy crafting your beautiful project!